About MRIC

The first intensive care unit (ICU) in Malaysia was established in 1968. Since then, intensive care has developed rapidly and ICUs are now available in all tertiary care hospital and selected secondary care hospitals in the Ministry of Health.

The National Audit on Adult Intensive Care Units (NAICU) was established in 2002 as a quality improvement initiative reviewing intensive care practice in Malaysia and introduce remedial measures to improve outcome.

The NAICU is supported by the Bahagian Perkembangan Perubatan and coordinated by a national committee comprising of senior intensive care specialists in the Ministry of Health. The aim of this audit is to improve practice by auditing care, against evidence based standards and guidelines.

To date, the audit has produced five annual reports (2003-2007) and introduced several quality measures such as ventilator and central venous care bundles and ICU networking.

In 2009, the NAICU underwent a major re-organisation and has been renamed the Malaysian Registry of Intensive Care (MRIC). The 6th report for the NAICU is thus the first for MRIC. Following the change, the MRIC becomes a member of the national registries under the purview of Clinical Research Centre, Ministry of Health.

The objectives of the MRIC are to:

Establish a database of patients admitted to the adult ICU 100
Review the clinical practice of intensive care and determine the outcomes 100
Determine the resources and delivery of intensive care service 100
Evaluate the impact of quality improvement measures on patient care 100
Conduct healthcare research related to intensive care 100
The MRIC is working towards promoting the use of evidence in intensive care practice and building research in the field of intensive care in Malaysia. To date, there are 52 centres participating in this programme and we are in the process of recruiting more new centres. It is the ultimate aim of this national registry to involve all adult intensive care units in the country, both in the Government and private hospitals.